Walking sticks and benches handmade from the natural beauty of Islesboro, Maine.

About Greyfeather Woodcraft

Each walking stick from Greyfeather Woodcraft is handmade from branches and logs sourced right on glorious Islesboro, off the Maine coast. We believe in keeping things simple, so our walking sticks are naturally-dried, hand-sanded and -oiled, and beautifully humble.

No two Greyfeather walking sticks are the same, but all are created to accompany you on sojourns through nature and hand down for generations to come.

Greyfeather Woodcraft also offers our signature Islesboro Bench, rustic indoor-outdoor seating perfect for gardens, fire pit and porch seating.

Walking Sticks

All Greyfeather walking sticks are one-of-a-kind. Select from our pre-made sticks or place a custom order: we’d love to work with you to create exactly what you are seeking!

First, choose the type of walking stick you want – staff or traditional. Traditional walking sticks have a handle; staffs have no handle. Choose the type that speaks to your heart.

If you choose a traditional walking stick with handle, we use stable, traditional European handles or knobs, mortised or bolted to the stick, and can also create contrasting wood and carved handles in a variety of designs.

If you choose a staff, you may also add a leather lanyard and leather or metal concho.

You will be asked to provide specific measurements and we will cut your stick to the correct length. Brass hardware, rubber and pointed tips and other custom options can be chosen to complete your heirloom piece.

Greyfeather Woodcraft creates walking sticks to accompany you on your sojourns through nature and then hand down so that they can do the same for generations to come. Contact us today so we can craft the perfect walking stick for you.

Islesboro Bench

Greyfeather Woodcraft’s signature Islesboro Bench is a rustic indoor-outdoor piece perfect for placing in gardens, by the fire pit or on the porch. These are the same benches found trailside on the Islesboro Islands Trust properties.

It is Greyfeather Woodcraft’s aim to help you be more comfortable while exploring the natural world. If you’d like to try our walking sticks or benches while on a hike here on Islesboro, we would love to have you. Contact us to arrange a tour with maker Steve Miller, who will take you to some of the island’s most magical spots.

About the Maker

I’m Steve Miller, a longtime Islesboro resident and Maine native. I’ve traveled around, spending as much of my time outdoors walking and being with trees and birds as I can. 

I am the co-founder of Islesboro Islands Trust, where I’ve worked for many decades. Now I’m carving out time to do something else I love, which is make things by hand, from wood. I started Greyfeather Woodcraft as an outlet for this passion, and as a way of helping others get outside and explore the natural world.

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